How strong is Carbon Fiber PETG? Extrudr PETG vs PCTG vs XPETG CF

Title: How strong is Carbon Fiber PETG? Extrudr PETG vs PCTG vs XPETG CF. Watch on youtube:

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Suggested by viewers, I tested Extrudr filaments. In this video: PETG vs PCTG vs XPCTG CF (with carbon fibers). This is in-depth review (long video) but there are chapters, if somebody wants to see only some specific part of the video. Almost all test objects are printed on Prusa MK3S equipped with hardened steel nozzle. Some test parts are reprinted with brass nozzle too. Layer adhesion parts are printed with 0.6mm hardened nozzle (on Ender3V2 with Microswiss DD)

Extrudr website:

Results are downloadable from the bottom of this page.

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Other, mentioned in the video:
Sovol SV06 PLUS (for hi-temp PCTG printing)
Ender-3 V2 with microswiss DD extruder and 0.6mm hardened nozzle
New holders used for the layer adhesion test are CNC machined by PCBWay
Digital microscope Mustool G1200
Durometer (for hardness test):

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Specs
1:30 PETG 3D printing
3:11 PCTG 3D printing
4:10 XPETG CF 3D printing
7:31 Tensile (pulling) test
8:07 Layer adhesion test(s)
11:41 Shear test
12:17 Torque (twist) test
13:06 Bending test
13:47 Impact test
14:44 Creep test
15:51 Temperature test
16:28 Scratch resistance
16:57 Hardness
17:35 Results
22:32 Conclusions

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Download files:

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