Sovol SV07 Klipper based 3D printer review

Title: Sovol SV07 Klipper based 3D printer review. Watch on youtube:

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Sovol SV07 is fast 3D printer based on Klipper. It can create a Benchy in 24 minutes (Ender-3 needs almost 2 hours for this). It has several elements which I like, but also several steps back compared to SV06 Plus.

Product page (affiliate link):

Other mentioned in the video:
SV06 Plus review video:
Floating boat:
Cable holder and Barbie slippers: download below this text.

0:00 Introduction
2:09 Unboxing
4:29 What is inside?
5:25 Assembling
7:46 Leveling
10:06 About accelerometer
10:42 Benchy, PLA
12:54 Sovol Cura
13:23 Rabbit, PLA
14:01 Spiral mode
14:45 Cable holder, PETG
15:56 Tweezers, ABS
17:45 Network
18:13 Barbie slippers, TPU
18:59 Conclusions

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Download files:

barbie-slippers.stl 61.5 kB [View»]
sv07-cableholder.stl 25.1 kB [View»]

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