Mingda Magician X2 review: cheap and quiet 3D printer

Title: Mingda Magician X2 review: cheap and quiet 3D printer. Watch on youtube:

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Magician X2 is new, optimized version from Magician series, but even the previous Magician X was a great 3D printer in this price category. It is equipped with all those extra elements which were earlier common upgrades on these budget printers, like dual Z axis, direct drive extruder, filament and auto leveling sensor, textured PEI flexible sheet. But according to my opinion, the most important specifications are that it prints good and it it very quiet.

Mingda website (affiliate link):
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Mentioned in the video:
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3D scanned owl review video:
Noise comparison table:

0:00 Introduction
0:26 Specifications
1:15 Unboxing
1:52 What is inside?
4:04 Assembling
6:18 Turning ON
7:20 Leveling
8:35 First 3D printing (rabbit)
11:20 Cura settings (using Magician X profile)
12:03 Cura settings (Custom FFF)
13:00 Bed leveling test
13:39 Spiral mode test
14:05 Long printing (owl)
15:22 Conclusions

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