Kingroon's fast Klipper 3D printer: KP3S Pro V2

Title: Kingroon's fast Klipper 3D printer: KP3S Pro V2. Watch on youtube:

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KP3S Pro V2 is a very fast 3D printer by Kingroon. It is based on Klipper and can 3D print a Benchy in 22 minutes.
Product page:
This is a compact 3D printer with a very small footprint on the desk. It is equipped with a direct drive extruder, inductive auto leveling sensor, and textured PEI sheet. Accelerometers are built in the printer, so they don't have to be attached by user during the input shaping.
The articulated dragon is printed in 3 hours (same object would need 12 hours on Ender-3 S1).

Mentioned in the video:
Calibration cube, dice:
Heat bed cable guide:
Articulated dragon:
Low poly vase:
Noise comparison table:

0:00 Introduction, specifications
2:09 Unboxing
4:11 Assembling
6:47 Bed cable guide
7:29 Turning ON
7:58 Connecting to WiFi
8:58 Leveling
9:42 Input shaper
10:04 Preparing the first printing
10:54 Benchy (factory gcode)
14:11 Slicer
14:58 Calibration cube (PLA)
16:46 Spiral (vase) mode
19:26 Articulated dragon
21:36 Filament change
23:12 Conclusions

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