Semiflex PLA by Filaticum - the review

Title: Semiflex PLA by Filaticum - the review. Watch on youtube:

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Filaticum company can do fantastic filaments from PLA, one of them is earlier presented Engineering PLA. This time I am testing Semiflex PLA material with incredible resistance to temperatures and impact. Main disadvantages are the weaker layer adhesion, and it requires a drying.
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Results you can download from:
Patreon supporters has access to summary table, so they can compare these results with those which I did in earlier videos.
Engineering PLA review:

0:00 Introduction
1:51 Unboxing
2:25 Temperature tower
4:56 Test specimens
6:49 Creep test
7:36 Tensile (pulling) test
7:54 Layer adhesion test
8:07 Shear stress test
8:21 Torque (twist) test
8:43 Bending test
9:17 Impact test
10:02 Temperature test
11:05 Results
13:43 Conclusions

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