Wizmaker L1 36W laser engraver review

Title: Wizmaker L1 36W laser engraver review. Watch on youtube:

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Wizmaker L1 36W is currently one of the most powerful diode laser engraver on the market. Beside strong laser, it has very sturdy frame with nice solution for setting the focus. It is not super quiet, but the quietest 30W diode laser I tested so far. Pay attention that only 20W version is sold with air assist. With 36W version, the air pump you must buy separately.

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Mentioned in the video:
The toothpick positioning video:
The air pump:
Anodized aluminum from Chewbarka:

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Specifications
1:23 Safety
1:41 Unboxing
3:43 Assembling
6:26 Preparing the testing
6:50 Noise
7:27 About software
7:48 Engraving wood
8:34 Engraving grayscale image
9:15 Cutting plywood
10:02 Cutting MDF wood (no air vs air)
10:30 Cutting acrylic
10:45 Engraving aluminum
11:07 Engraving steel
12:03 Conclusions

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