Cheap and strong Nylon filament by YXPolyer

Title: Cheap and strong Nylon filament by YXPolyer. Watch on youtube:

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YXPolyer Nylon is very strong filament but differently strong compared to regular ABS. It creeps under bigger constant load, but it has fantastic impact strength, temperature resistance and fantastic layer adhesion. Printability is better compared to other non CF nylons but it still needs an enclosure and filament dryer.

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0:00 Introduction
1:32 Unboxing
2:34 3D printing
6:52 Tensile (pulling) test
7:26 Layer adhesion test
7:58 Shear test
8:13 Torque (twist) test
8:41 Bending test
9:12 Impact test
10:14 Temperature test
11:13 Creep test
11:47 Prusament PA sheet
12:45 Tensile test (no hole version)
13:03 Results
16:44 Conclusions

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