Sunlu Noctilucence PLA review (Glow in dark PLA)

Title: Sunlu Noctilucence PLA review (Glow in dark PLA). Watch on youtube:

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Sunlu Noctilucence PLA is a Glow-in-dark filament with the a new formula, which increases the luminous time by 200% and the brightness by 300%
Sunlight: Saturated in 1~3 minutes, can glow for 60 minutes! So let's test it..
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Mentioned in the video:
EmberPrototypes camera:
Glow in dark test by @CNCKitchen :
Visit Sunlu website:

0:00 Introduction
1:39 Unboxing
2:27 Nozzle camera before
2:51 3D printing
5:11 Nozzle camera after
5:35 Layer adhesion test
6:04 Glow-in-dark effect
7:25 Conclusions

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