Lazy annealing of PLA (covered on heated bed after 3D printing)

Title: Lazy annealing of PLA (covered on heated bed after 3D printing). Watch on youtube:

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Annealing of the PLA will improve properties of the printed object, mostly temperature resistance, but the object will deform during this method. Using the oven is not too accurate method and uses too much energy. Heating covered on 3D printing bed is simpler solution and saves energy too. But is it worth it? Let’s find out..

Results you can download from below this text.

In this test I used Amazon Baists PLA and everything was printed on Ender-3 S1 Pro.

0:00 About PLA annealing
1:15 Test objects
1:35 Reference PLA
2:00 Annealed PLA
3:48 Shrinking
4:42 Pulling test
5:12 Layer adhesion test
5:46 Hook test
6:13 Bending test
6:59 Impact test
7:41 Temperature test
9:03 Creep test
10:03 Results
12:29 Conclusions

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Download files:

lazy-annealing-results.xlsx 374 kB

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