PLA annealing in a boiling water

Title: PLA annealing in a boiling water. Watch on youtube:

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Annealing of PLA can improve temperature resistancy. I already tested the annealing covered on heated bed (lazy annealing). In this video I am testing annealing in hot water (100 and 80°C). Let's see if equal heating helps with warping.
Lazy annealing video:
Results you can download below this text.

In this test I used Amazon Basic PLA and everything was printed on Ender-3 S1 (not Pro like in previous video).

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0:00 Introduction
1:14 3D printing
1:57 Annealing 100°C
4:24 Analysing the objects
5:43 Annealing 80°C
7:19 Shrinking
7:52 Pulling test
8:27 Layer adhesion test
8:54 Hook test
9:14 Impact test
10:06 Temperature test
11:15 Bending test
11:52 Results
14:13 Conclusions

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Download files:

water-annealing-results.xlsx 341.1 kB

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