Gratkit 8k Rigid Resin review

Title: Gratkit 8k Rigid Resin review. Watch on youtube:

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GratKit 8K Rigid 3D printing resin is designed to be compatible with 8K high resolution printers to print high precision models. Factors of low viscosity and good fluidity helps the liquid resin for speedy printing and curing. In this video mostly the mechanical strength is tested.

Objects printed by Filasin company:
Results download below this text.
Test objects on Printables:

0:00 Introduction
0:36 Exposure test cards
1:03 Shrinking
1:24 4k vs 8k figures
2:12 Dropping test
2:45 Tensile (pulling) test
2:55 Layer adhesion
3:04 Shear test
3:22 Bending test
3:48 Impact test
4:10 Temperature test
5:02 Creep test
5:46 Torque test
6:12 Results
9:04 Conclusions

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Download files:

gratkit-resin-results.xlsx 370.9 kB

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