Prusament PETG-CF (Carbon Fiber) vs PETG V0 (fire resistant filament)

Title: Prusament PETG-CF (Carbon Fiber) vs PETG V0 (fire resistant filament). Watch on youtube:

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Prusament PETG-CF is filament reinforced with carbon fibers. This material is compared to PETG-V0 which is UL-certified self-extinguishing PETG filament. In the table earlier results for regular PETG are included for comparison.
Tested filaments:

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Test object on Printables:

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0:00 Introduction
2:08 PETG-CF unboxing, 3D printing
3:20 Nozzle change
3:38 PETG-V0 3D printing
4:30 Regular PETG printing
4:50 Tensile pulling test
5:11 Layer adhesion test
5:23 Shear test
5:33 Torque (twist) test
5:52 Impact test
6:29 Bending test
7:05 Temperature test
8:10 Creep test
9:20 Fire test
9:51 Hardness
10:22 Results
13:40 Conclusions

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Download files:

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