eSun PLA+ vs PLA-HS (ex. PLA-HF) - high speed PLA testing

Title: eSun PLA+ vs PLA-HS (ex. PLA-HF) - high speed PLA testing. Watch on youtube:

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eSun PLA-HS high speed filament (old name HF, means high flow) is designed to be used on higher 3D printing speeds.
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Kingroon KP3S, klipper based 3D printer was used, which is able to print on high speeds, but one important thing has to be mentioned, it was equipped with hardened steel nozzle (which I noticed later), resulting weaker layer adhesion.

0:00 Introduction
1:09 Unboxing
1:36 3D printing
5:27 Layer adhesion test
7:07 Tensile (pulling) test
7:39 Shear test
7:50 Torque test
8:29 Impact test
9:51 Bending test
10:17 Temperature test
11:03 Results
13:41 Conclusions

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