Glass fiber PLA by Filaticum - review and mechanical testing

Title: Glass fiber PLA by Filaticum - review and mechanical testing. Watch on youtube:

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PLA filament reinforced with glass fibers should be stronger, harder and more heat resistant. Glass fibers are not so abrasive like carbon fibers, but it is still recommended using a hardened steel nozzle and the size should be 0.6mm to reduce risk of clogging.
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Engineering PLA:
Hardened steel vs brass nozzle:
Annealing of PLA:

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0:00 Introduction
1:32 Unboxing
2:23 3D printing
5:08 Tensile test
5:31 Layer adhesion test
6:14 Shear test
6:37 Torque test
7:18 Bending test
7:53 Impact test
8:33 Creep test
9:12 Temperature test
9:53 Results
12:05 Conclusions

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