Qidi X-Max 3 - one step closer to industrial 3D printing

Title: Qidi X-Max 3 - one step closer to industrial 3D printing. Watch on youtube:

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Qidi X-Max 3 is a Klipper based fast coreXY 3D printer with huge built volume. But the biggest advantage of this printer are the max temperatures: 350°C on nozzle, 120°C on bed and 65°C actively heated chamber.
Qidi X-Max 3 product page:
or Qidi X-Plus 3 (similar performace but smaller volume):
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0:00 Introduction to X-Max 3
1:24 Why high temperatures?
3:20 Unboxing
5:07 Setup
8:30 Badge (stock gcode)
11:15 Benchy
12:24 Firmware update
13:03 Network, QIDISlicer
13:22 D6 30x30mm cube
15:08 Spiral (vase) mode
15:58 Filament change
17:13 Owl (2h printing)
18:21 Bed leveling test
19:17 ABS 3D printing (Owl)
22:53 PolyCarbonate (PCBlend)
24:38 Like
25:26 Don't like
28:33 Plans

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