They fixed it: GratKit Firefly filament dryer (re-review)

Title: They fixed it: GratKit Firefly filament dryer (re-review). Watch on youtube:

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Few month ago I tested GratKit Firefly filament dryer and my main problem was that it couldn't heat up the air to set 70°C. GratKit fixed the problem in mass production and they sent me new product for the testing. According to my measurings, the reach the peak of approx 75°C in 20 minutes.
Old video is unlisted, but you can see it here:

Product page:

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0:00 Introduction
2:55 Unboxing
4:57 Display, menu
5:56 Application
6:41 Sponge test
9:17 Thermal camera
10:28 Results
12:10 Conclusions

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