PETG vs Hi-Speed PLA+ by JamgHe, The review and mechanical testing

Title: PETG vs Hi-Speed PLA+ by JamgHe, The review and mechanical testing. Watch on youtube:

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Let's compare two different filaments from the same manufacturer: Hi Speed PLA+ vs PETG by JamgHe. Let's check the printability and the mechanical properties.
All test objects are printed on Creality K1 on 300 mm/s (for PLA+) and 200 mm/s for PETG. AMS Riser from PETG was printed on Qidi X-Max3 on 300 mm/s speed.

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Results in Excel table you can download below this text.

Patreon supporters have access to summary table, to compare these data to those I did in previous videos.

0:00 Introduction, specs
2:14 PLA+ 3D printing
3:57 PETG 3D printing
5:54 Tensile test
6:15 Layer adhesion test
6:33 Shear test
6:47 Beding test
7:20 Torque (twist) test
7:41 Creep test
8:55 Impact test
9:33 Temperature test
10:10 Friction test
12:00 Results
14:25 Conclusions

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Download files:

jamghe-pla-petg.xlsx 307.8 kB

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