What are my best 3D printers now in 2024?

Title: What are my best 3D printers now in 2024?. Watch on youtube:

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This is a small tour video, to show you, which are the best 3D printers from my current collection now in 2024 and which printer I would choose if I could keep only one machine.
Things may change in near future, but currently these are my best 3D printers, which I am using at least weekly.

Each printer has its own review video, the list in ABC order:
BambuLab P1P:
BambuLab X1C:
Creality K1:
Ender-3 S1 Pro:
Ender-3 V2:
Flashforge 5M Pro:
FLSUN Super Racer:
Prusa MK4:
Qidi X-Max 3:


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