Bambu Lab ABS-GF (glass fiber) 4 different colors, same strength?

Title: Bambu Lab ABS-GF (glass fiber) 4 different colors, same strength?. Watch on youtube:

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Testing Bambu Lab ABS-GF (glass fiber reinforced ABS) in 4 different colors. Great experiment to see if there is an effect of the color to the strength of the material.

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BambuLab ABS vs ASA video:

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0:00 Introduction, specs
2:21 Unboxing
4:21 Slicer, settings
4:51 3D printing
6:45 Tensile test
7:19 Layer adhesion test
7:51 Shear test (horizontal)
8:14 Shear test (vertical)
8:25 Twist test (horizontal)
9:41 Twist test (vertical)
10:35 Impact test
11:55 Shrinking
12:25 Bending test
12:55 Creep test
13:59 Temperature test
14:41 Wearing test
15:12 Results
17:52 Conclusions

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