Hilbert cube 3D printed with PVA supports and single extruder

Title: Hilbert cube 3D printed with PVA supports and single extruder. Watch on youtube:

Tags: 3dprint, multicolor 3d printing, soluble supports, pva filament, hilbert cube,

My previous video was detailed tutorial about how to 3D print objects using water soluble PVA support and single extruder with manual filament changes. In this test I am printing a Hilbert cube, which is common test for soluble supports, because it can not be 3D printed with conventional method.
About soluble supports and manual filament changes:
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Hilbert cube on thingiverse (used in this video)

Hilbert cube on wikipedia:

0:06 Introduction
1:48 Slicer
4:26 3D printing
7:13 Removing supports
9:49 Conclusions

Materials and methods:
PrimaSelect PVA+
Prusa MK3 3D printer
Gembird PLA
0.4 mm nozzle
0.2 mm layer height
Default settings in PrusaSlicer

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