Face mask: from 3D scanning to 3D printing

Title: Face mask: from 3D scanning to 3D printing. Watch on youtube:

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To get a perfect sealing and comfortable face mask, I am 3D scanning the face of my wife and using that surface to design and 3D print a perfect fitting mask. This is my second video about 3D printed face masks for air filtration. The first video about masks for air filtration:
-Introduction: 0:12
-3D Scanning with Xbox Kinect 2:36
-Tips for 3D scan with photogrammetry: 5:36
-Preparing in Meshmixer: 6:47
-Design in Fusion 360: 8:04
-Simple design in Fusion 360: 11:47
-Slicer and 3D printing: 12:32
-Testing: 15:25

Materials I am using:
- Xbox Kinect + Power adapter for PC
- Printing on Prusa MK3
- Printed with PLA, sealing ring with Orbi-Tech soft PLA
- HEPA filter

Used software:
-Skanect (free version)
-Fusion 360
-Prusa Slicer

My Multicolor in same layer 3D print tutorial:
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