Sandbox toy from 3D sanned face

Title: Sandbox toy from 3D sanned face. Watch on youtube:

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My wife asked me to 3D print some unique sandbox toy for our daughter. Since in previous video I was scanning her face for 3D printed custom mask, I got the idea, to 3D print a sandbox toy from our 3D scanned faces. I thing that's unique enough :-)
-Introduction: 0:06
-3D scanning (Skanect): 0:36
-Meshmixer: 3:03
-Slicer: 6:34
-3D printing: 8:04
-Testing: 9:07

- For 3D scanning: Xbox Kinect + adapter for PC
- Prusa MK3 3D printer

- Skanect (free version)
- Meshmixer (it's free software)
- PrusaSlicer 2.0

Printed with PLA, 0.15mm layer height (PETG or ABS would be more durable, but I (my daughter) need this toy only for next two seasons).

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