3D printed panoramic head for Gopro and spherical panorama

Title: 3D printed panoramic head for Gopro and spherical panorama. Watch on youtube:

Tags: 3dprint, gopro, panoramic head, spherical panorama, product design,

Gopro Hero camera can be used to create full 360x180° spherical panoramas but we need a panoramic head, otherwise images cannot be stitched and we will have a lot of parallax errors. I designed and tested this small panoramic head using only very standard or common elements like screws, spring from ball pen or airsoft BB.
-slicer, 3D printing
-taking photos
-upload panoramic image

List of materials (except 3D printed objects):
-M5x35 mm screw 2x
-M5 nuts 4x
-M5 washers 4x
-M8 screw and nut
-Spring from ball pen (4x25)
-Airsoft BB 6 mm
-Gopro screw

STL files can be downloaded below this text.

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Download files:

M8_screw_holder.stl 83.7 kB [View»]
horizontal.stl 341.7 kB [View»]
mainholder.stl 121.9 kB [View»]
mount.stl 74.3 kB [View»]
vertical.stl 32.2 kB [View»]

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