Repairing a screwdriver with 3D printing + torque test

Title: Repairing a screwdriver with 3D printing + torque test. Watch on youtube:

Tags: screwdriver, 3dprint, torque, insert object, strength test,

In this video I am repairing a screwdriver but not because I desperately need it, but because of the challenge, I would like to see how big torque can be transmitted between metallic and 3D printed part. I will 3D print a test probes and measure the torque and based on those results I will create a final version. This information will be useful to me, when I am designing other 3D printed parts for attaching to metallic objects (like gears to DC motor shafts).

Contents of the video:
0:08 Introduction
0:33 About torque
2:58 How will I measure the torque
3:32 Aim of this project
5:25 Designing the test object(s)
9:23 Measuring the torque
11:00 Designing the final screwdriver
13:54 Testing and using it
16:10 Conclusions

Materials and methods:
3D Printed on Prusa MK3 using PrusaSlicer and Prusament PLA filament. Layer heights, infill variable, shown in video. Designed in Fusion360. Measured with simple kitchen- and 40 kg hanging scale.

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