Square vs hexagonal nuts as 3D printing inserts

Title: Square vs hexagonal nuts as 3D printing inserts. Watch on youtube:

Tags: 3dprint, square nut, hexagonal nut, insert object, 3d printing inserts, strength test,

Using nuts as 3D printing inserts is very useful, gives more strength to 3D printed joints. In my latest projects I started to use square nuts, but I wasn't sure if they are better and what is the difference. In this video I am talking about contact areas and transmitted torque. Also I will talk about different insert types.

0:15 Introductions
0:52 Bolt-Nut joints
1:37 About pulling force
2:51 About torque
8:10 3D printing insert types
9:00 inserts on surface
10:07 inserts builtin printing
12:07 pocket inserts
13:05 Conclusions

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