Drilling 3D printed parts

Title: Drilling 3D printed parts. Watch on youtube:

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This episode is about drilling a hole into 3D printed parts. I needed some tests in this topics, because sometimes I forgot to create a hole in design or I just want to raise the diameter of existing hole. Drilling into 3D printed object may be tricky because in most cases it is not solid material and most common material in 3D printing (PLA) has low heat deflection temperature. Also I am testing can we use countersink or step drill tool with this plastic. Used drill press operated at 700 rpm. Most of tested objects were printed from PLA with 20% infill (except in few examples at the end).

0:00 Why to drill 3D printed parts?
1:58 Test probes in Fusion 360
4:01 Test probes in slicer
4:38 3D printing
4:57 Drilling
17:33 Conclusions

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