FDM vs SLA 3D printed bolts and nuts (PLA vs Resin)

Title: FDM vs SLA 3D printed bolts and nuts (PLA vs Resin). Watch on youtube:

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What do you think, which is stronger? FDM printed (PLA) or SLA printed (Resin) bolt and screw nut? That's what I am testing in this video. Strengh test of PLA bolt as most common material for FDM 3D printer and Water Washable Photopolymer resin. Since I don't have SLA 3D printer, I used 3D printing service, I ordered resin M6x20 bolts and M6 nuts.

0:00 introduction
1:37 analyzing resin and PLA bolts and nuts
5:10 Tensile test - bolts
7:10 Shear test - bolts
8:15 Torque test - bolts
10:18 Pulling test - nuts
12:30 Torque test - nuts
14:19 Results
14:46 Conclusion

Materials and methods:
FDM: Prusament PLA printed on Prusa MK3
SLA: Elegoo Water Washable Photopolymer resin printed on Elegoo Mars

Used STL files (for M6x20 bolts and nuts) you can download from:

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Mentioned videos:
Bolt printing position test:

Printing position for screw nuts:

Download files:

M6_bolt.stl 850.2 kB [View»]
M6_nut.stl 448.9 kB [View»]

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