What 3D printing material to use for object inside a car? Temperature test

Title: What 3D printing material to use for object inside a car? Temperature test. Watch on youtube:

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Few times I wanted to 3D print an object which will be inside my car, but I was not sure which material to use. On internet there are so different information, but they must be different, depend where the author lives. So, I decided to do my own test with 7 materials. On test probes I placed M10 screw nut, just to add minimal load to objects. I chose 10 very hot days in a row, during this test, I always placed my car on hottest sun, turned to the South, but since here in Budapest (45° latitude) summer is not too hot, last part of the test is simulating higher temperatures in oven.

0:00 introduction
1:18 tested materials
5:16 about temperatures inside car
7:14 testing from day 1 to day 10
15:57 analyzing test probes after 10 days
17:14 oven test
18:34 conclusions

Materials in this test:
PLA+, Gembird
HT PLA, 3Dee
PolyPlus PLA, Polymaker
PETG, Herz
ABS, Prusament
ASA, Prusament
Nylon, Gembird

Other materials and methods:
Prusa MK3 3d printer, Elegoo Arduino Uno R3, LM35DZ temperature sensors, analog 1-100°C termomether

Budapest Latitude:

Test probe can be downloaded below this text (STL)

Parked car temperatures:

Mentioned Arduino data logger video:

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Download files:

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