Two color 3D printed business cards

Title: Two color 3D printed business cards. Watch on youtube:

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In my previous video I showed how to design a business card in Fusion 360 or TinkerCAD. Business card printed in one color looks nice but is hard to read.

My previous video:

That's why I got the idea to try to print the business card in two colors. I don't have special 3D printer (it's Prusa MK3), so these are the options:

1) M600 command added to G-code after desired Z coordinate where you want to change the color. Printer will stop and wait for filament change.

2) If your printer don't support M600 command, check is there any other command to Pause the print and add it to your G-code on desired Z coordinate.

3) Pause the print manually, replace the filament and continue with new color. Prusa has tool for adding M600 command, you can find it on this page:

If you want to experiment:

Below you can download STL file, it is badge with dimensions 100×20×2.4 mm, optimised for 0.2 layer height 3D printing. Add M600 command to 1.8 mm Z coordinate, this is the position where base is finished and letters start.
Printing will stop after base is finished, when you replace the filament, letters will be printed in new color. Have fun.

*you can see this blue-white badge in this video:

Download files:

mytechfun_badge.stl 130.5 kB [View»]

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