Unboxing of ELEGOO Arduino UNO Super Starter Kit

Title: Unboxing of ELEGOO Arduino UNO Super Starter Kit. Watch on youtube:

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Best way to start learning Arduino is to buy some starter kit with tutorials which use only included hardware from the kit. My favorite is Elegoo UNO Super starter kit in combination with Sensor kit (I bought them, not sponsored video). Elegoo contacted me and asked for unboxing of their newest Arduino starter kit. In this video you can find few words about my sets, content of the CD and downloaded files, unboxing and one basic project.

You can buy it here (NOT affiliate):
ELEGOO UNO Super Starter Kit:

0:00 Introduction
0:46 What is Arduino?
2:50 My Arduino starter kits
5:24 Contents of CD
7:33 Unboxing
22:38 First project - Blinky
27:26 Conclusions

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