Testing Silk Gold and Marble PLA filaments by AzureFilm

Title: Testing Silk Gold and Marble PLA filaments by AzureFilm. Watch on youtube:

Tags: 3dprint, azurefilm, silk gold, marble pla, review, unboxing, 3d printed coin, filament test, pla filament,

This video is a review of Silk Gold and Marble PLA filaments sent to me by AzureFilm. Test is mostly about Silk Gold, because I got a whole spool. From Marble PLA I got only 50g sample filaments. What is printed in this video? Benchy, Calibration Cube, ring, trophy cup, coins and some test specimens. I was also courious about mecanical specifications of these filaments (tensile test, impact test).

AzureFilm Gold Silk

AzureFilm Marble PLA

0:00 Introduction
2:42 Benchy
3:38 Calibration Cube on Ender3 V2
5:11 Ring
6:00 Trophy cup
8:08 Coin in horizontal position
8:31 Coin in vertical position
9:17 Temperature test
9:40 Layer adhesion test
10:32 Tensile test
11:16 Impact test
13:38 Final words

Materials and Methods:
Prusa MK3s with textured PEI sheet
Ender3V2 with textured Glass

Download STL files used in this video below this text.

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mytechfun_base.stl 19.1 kB [View»]
mytechfun_cup.stl 2910.3 kB [View»]
yes_no_coin.stl 498.8 kB [View»]

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