Testing SUNLU FilaDryer S1 - filament dryer unboxing and review

Title: Testing SUNLU FilaDryer S1 - filament dryer unboxing and review. Watch on youtube:

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Filaments like PETG and Nylon are very sensitive to humidity, they can absorb moisture and this has very negative effect to 3D printing. Filament dryers may be a solution. Sunlu Filadryer S1 - 3D printing mate is a filament dryer which can accept 210x85mm spools and they can provide drying temperatures up to 55°C. Filament can be dried in oven too, but with dedicated fila-dryers, spool can be dried during printing, what is advantage with longer printings.

In this test:
Sunlu Filament Dryer on Banggood (affiliate link):

Mentioned in intro:
eSun Filament Dryer on Banggood (affiliate link):

Used filament:
Prusament PETG (orange). Test specimens cross section at the middle: 4x4 mm, 100% infill (max perimeters or shell). Printed on Prusa MK3s.

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0:00 About filament dryers
2:30 Unboxing
5:15 Test 1: Wet PETG
6:15 Drying PETG
7:22 Power Consumption
8:02 Evaporated water weight
8:47 3D printing dried PETG
9:32 Layer adhesion, tensile test
10:15 Drying Nylon
12:51 Final words

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