Arduino data logger with two temperature sensors (LM35DZ) from my 3D printing material in car test

Title: Arduino data logger with two temperature sensors (LM35DZ) from my 3D printing material in car test. Watch on youtube:

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Half years ago I had an experiment, what 3D printing material to use inside a car. In that video I used the results from Arduino temperature data logger, but only results were provided, and I promised, that whole Arduino project will be explained in a separate video (this one, with some delay).
So, in this video I will explain my Arduino data logger using data from two temperature sensors (LM35DZ), which are recorded on micro SD card. At the end, that data will be processed in Excel (or Google) table.

Hardware Required
Main elements:
- Temperature sensors: LM35DZ (2 pcs)
- MicroSD card adapter
- Formated micro sd card (FAT and not NTFS)
- Arduino Uno board
(I used Elegoo Arduino Uno)

- Breadboard
- Jumber wires
- Power Bank with 5V output
- Arduino IDE software on Windows computer
- Data processed in Google Spreadsheet

Mentioned video: What 3D printing material to use inside car:

LM35DZ on Arduino Project Hub (by Electorials Electronics):

Micro SD card code (by ElectroPeak)

Wiring diagram and final code can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Required Hardware
1:34 LM35DZ temperature sensor
4:45 Using two LM35DZ temperature sensors
5:51 Micro SD card adapter
9:36 Final Wiring diagram
10:28 Final code
13:58 Power consumption
14:16 Data logger in car
16:11 Analyzing recorded data
18:52 Outro

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Download files:

2_temp_sens_data_log_code.ino 1.5 kB
2_temp_sens_data_log_wiring.png 278.2 kB

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