3D printed bridge for Speedo Fastskin Elite Goggles

Title: 3D printed bridge for Speedo Fastskin Elite Goggles. Watch on youtube:

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When you buy a Speedo Fastskin Elite Goggles, you will get bridges in 3 sizes to connect the lens. Size step between these bridges is 4 mm! That's too much, there are people between those sizes too ;-)
For example I need a size between largest and middle provided bridge. So I decided to 3D print mine.
In this video You can find my analyzing and designing and testing process of this plastic part.

Used materials and methods:
Prusa 3D printer MK3
Fusion 360 for 3D designing
Canon scanner 600dpi

3D printed bridge works fine so far and having the correct size bridge feels very comfortable.
You can download STL file from bottom of this page (size is between middle and largest version which arrive with Speedo Fastskin Elite goggles)

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Download files:

speedo_bridge_28mm.stl 308.1 kB [View»]

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