Ender3 V2 upgrade: All metal hotend by Micro Swiss + Firmware edit to allow higher temperatures

Title: Ender3 V2 upgrade: All metal hotend by Micro Swiss + Firmware edit to allow higher temperatures. Watch on youtube:

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Stock Ender3 V2 nozzle temperature can be set to maximal 260°C. However, is not recommended to use it over 240°C. The reason is that end of the PTFE tube is in heat block and that high temperature is not good for the teflon for longer period. All metal hotend by Micro Swiss has teflon tube ending in heat sink, this means we are not limited with this problem. The Micro Swiss package will also arrive with hardened steel nozzle, so we can print abrasife filaments too (like Glow in dark or Carbon fiber filaments).
This new all metal hotend is able to 3D print on temperatures above 260°C. In second part of this video I edit and updated the firmware, so it can be set to higher temperatures. Since I couldn't find information about maximal operating temperatures for heater cartridge and termistor, I set the max temperature to 270°C so far.

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Materials and methods:
All metal hotend by Micro Swiss:

Ender 3 V2 by Creality

Creality Enclosure:

Gembird PLA and Prusa ASA

Creality Slicer (Cura),
Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Marlin (on GitHub):

0:00 Introduction
0:21 About hotends
3:32 Unboxing
4:07 Assembling
15:40 3D printing PLA
17:09 3D printing ASA 260°C
20:14 About Firmware
21:03 Firmware editing
26:40 Firmware update
29:43 3D printing ASA 270°C
31:35 Conclusions

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