About PolyTerra by PolyMaker - the eco friendly filament

Title: About PolyTerra by PolyMaker - the eco friendly filament. Watch on youtube:

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The video is a review of PolyTerra PLA, the new filament by PolyMaker. This is PolyMaker's first step to switch to carton spools. Price of PolyTerra is low, compared to their earlier products (approximately 20$ in US and 20EUR in EU). PolyTerra™ PLA is a bio plastic compound which main polymer is PLA as well as an organic compound which makes it more eco-friendly. For every spool purchased they will plant a tree in the region where the spool was bought. The box and spool are made from of recycled carton.
In this video I am testing other properties from specifications like: matt surface, does it easier to remove supports, is warping reduced, tensile- and layer adhesion tests, brittleness (impact- and bending tests).

Images and more:

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Rotating spool holder mentioned in the video:

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Used STL files can be downloaded below this text.

Temperature tower:

0:00 About PolyTerra
3:52 Unboxing
6:13 3D printing
6:26 Temperature tower
7:58 Benchy
8:56 Support removing test
11:08 Layer adhesion test
12:13 Tensile test
12:36 Warping test
14:43 Impact test
16:31 Bending test
17:36 Rolling friction
18:13 Final thoughts

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Download files:

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box_50x50.stl 1.5 kB [View»]
filament_holder.stl 649.6 kB [View»]
t-support.stl 20.6 kB [View»]

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