3D printed baby safety corner protector using flex filament

Title: 3D printed baby safety corner protector using flex filament. Watch on youtube:

Tags: 3dprint, corner protector, flex filament, baby safety,

My first successful flex 3D printing using Gembird TPE filament. Custom sized baby safety corner protector. Yes, it is cheaper to buy one, but this version is designed to go around the corner, so it is not so easy to take it off as universal protectors.

It is very hard to 3D print flex material. Wrapping effect may appear very easily. You can't use too thin vertical walls. This was my 3rd attempt of printing. Parameters of successful printing you can find at the end of video. I used Gembird Flex filament (approx. 30$/1kg).

What helped:
- slowing down the printing to 90% from default settings
- reducing the layer height from 0.2 speed to 0.15 quality and
- adding brim.

If you want to experiment with same file, you can download STL file below this text.

Download files:

corner_protector.stl 5.1 kB [View»]

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