Big PLA comparison test: temperature towers, 16 brands (Part 2)

Title: Big PLA comparison test: temperature towers, 16 brands (Part 2). Watch on youtube:

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This is the 2nd part of my big PLA brand comparison test. In this episode I am testing the printability with temperature towers. In first part I started with 14 brands, but two new filaments are sent to me to be included in this experiment:
Two new brands are Eryone and 3D Active.
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Full HD images you can find on mytechfun website too:

Part 1:
Part 2: this video
Part 3: (in progress)
Part 4: (in progress)

All temperature towers are printed on same 3D printer (Prusa MK3s) using the same G-code. In the video you can see how I prepared the temperature tower to have 10°C steps from 230-190°C.
The original temperature tower was prepared by gaaZolee:
Modified temperature tower (230-190, steps 10 deg) you can download below this text.

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0:00 Introduction
2:20 Unboxing Eryone
3:45 Unboxing 3D Active
5:44 Extended spool rating table
5:56 Preparing the temperature tower
7:48 Hatchbox
9:38 Prusa
10:20 BQ
10:52 Gembird
11:27 AzureFilm
12:08 Overture
12:45 Geeetech
13:33 eSun
14:25 PolyPlus (Polymaker)
15:07 Tecbears
16:01 AmazonBasics
16:46 Sunlu
17:36 3DQF
18:35 3Dee
19:13 Eryone
20:03 3D Active
21:06 Side-by-side: Stringing
21:59 Side-by-side: Overhang
22:57 Side-by-side: Bridging
23:57 Side-by-side: Round shapes
24:44 Conclusions

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Download files:

temperature_tower_230-190_remix.stl 1397.5 kB [View»]

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