Ender3 V2 Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder upgrade

Title: Ender3 V2 Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder upgrade. Watch on youtube:

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Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder upgrade can replace the classic bowden type extruder of the Ender3 V2 and expand usability of this very popular 3D printer. The kit can be purchased with or without all metal hotend. With new hotend Ender3 V2 can be safely used on higher temperatures too (over 240°C). With provided steel nozzle it can print abrasive materials too, like carbon fiber or glow in the dark filaments.

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0:00 Introduction
4:02 Reason for direct drive
6:32 Unboxing
7:43 Hardware installation
27:20 X, Y offset
30:29 E-steps
33:29 First print: Calibration Cube
34:14 Wire management
37:18 Benchy from PLA
38:08 Test with flex filament
40:05 Conclusions

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