Testing: Rotating spool holder by Creativity from Banggood

Title: Testing: Rotating spool holder by Creativity from Banggood. Watch on youtube:

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Nowadays, we can see more and more cardboard spool holders, they are good for the environment. But I noticed that cardboard spools rotates with much bigger friction on static spool holders. They requires more than two times bigger unrolling force. One of the solutions may be the rotating spool holder with inserted ball bearings. They reduce the load on the extruder, which priority job is to push the filament through the hotend and nozzle. This is very cheap and highly recommended upgrade, not only for cardboard- but also for plastic spools too, due the more smooth unrolling during 3D printing.

Rotating spool holder used in the video:

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0:00 Introduction
0:22 Reason for rotating spool holders
2:18 Test with standard spool holder
3:17 Unboxing
3:45 Assembling
4:38 Test with rotating spool holder
5:33 Results
5:49 Conclusions

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