3D printed fox skull - from designing (Sculptris) to painting

Title: 3D printed fox skull - from designing (Sculptris) to painting. Watch on youtube:

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A year ago, my oldest daughter asked me if I can 3D print something for her. I did it, it was a fox skull, but I thought that she downloaded it from somewhere. Recently I found out that this was her design. I told her, if she designs it again and record the full process I will create a video about it. And as I mentioned in video, all revenue I will pass to her (value from donations I will muliply by 5x).
Important if somebody want's to print this object: So far there is an error in uploaded file (that material inside hole of the eyes). It can be printed, but pay attention to that part, add some supports there.

My daughter's instagram page:

Support her work:
or over paypal, link on this page:

Used OBJ (STL) files and raw designing video can be downloaded below this text. New STL file fixed by Maciej G.

Materials and methods:
- Design in Sculptris
- Printed with PolyTerra on Prusa MK3s
- Painted with Acrylic paints

0:00 Introduction
2:20 Design in Sculptris
9:04 Analyzing the object in Slicer
11:26 3D printing
13:16 Painting
14:23 Closer look
14:49 Final words

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Download files:

foxskull_fixed.stl 24797.7 kB [View»]
foxskull_original.obj 20664.6 kB
sculptris_design_30min.mp4 168085.2 kB

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