Voxelab Aquila - cheap alternative for Ender3 V2 3D printer

Title: Voxelab Aquila - cheap alternative for Ender3 V2 3D printer. Watch on youtube:

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Voxelab Aquila 3D printer is an alternative for Ender3 V2 but it is much cheaper. Both printers has very similar specifications, like: silent stepper motor drivers, color display, tensioners etc. In this video I will try to answer the question: can Voxelab Aquila be replacement for Ender3 V2, since it is approximately 70-80 USD cheaper.

Aquila on Voxelab website (affiliate):

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0:00 Introduction to Aquila
1:25 Unboxing
4:12 Assembling
17:14 Deja-vu
18:09 Bed leveling
21:37 First print from SD card
24:35 Preparing the slicer
26:49 3D printing extruder knob
27:53 3D printing benchy
29:13 Conclusions

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